How do I accept and process online credit cards in my web store?
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How do I accept credit cards online?

In addition to having a website, there are several elements that must be in place before you can begin processing online credit card transactions. If you are ready to start selling your product or service on the web, LJg is here help you enter the world of eCommerce.

In order to accept online credit card payments, you will need the following:

Secure Server with Certification
When your customer enters his/her credit card information, it is sent in plain, unencrypted text form to the server hosting the website. As it is possible to intercept this data, you must use SSL encryption ensuring that no unauthorized individual can decode the information.

Order Form
Your customers need a place where they can input their personal and banking information. The order form must be on a secure server.

This is the "tunnel" that allows for the authorization, processing and management of payment processing. It is the mechanism that transfers your customer's vital information to the processor so that you can get paid.

Shopping Cart
A shopping cart is software that enables you to have an e-commerce, online store where purchases are automatically calculated for you. (The gateway you use must be compatible with the shopping cart.)

Merchant account
You can have a secure server with certification, an order form, shopping cart and a gateway, but real-time processing cannot take place without establishing a merchant account. The merchant account provides access to a processor that can authorize, capture and settle credit card transactions. See our Merchant Accounts page for more details.

You do have the option to forego getting your own merchant account by choosing to outsource the payment processing to a third party. For a fee, the third party acts on your behalf by collecting your customers' vital information and processing payments for you. See our Third Party Processors page for more details.

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How do I accept and process online credit cards in my web store?
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