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Website Optimization for Search Engines (SEO)

Have you heard the horror stories, or worse yet experienced the situation, of having paid big bucks for a great website only to find that the site is buried on page 2,925 of the search engine results?

Just having a great website is simply not enough to make your mark on the world wide web! Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN play a large role in the success of your website. If the search engines can't find your site, then neither can your prospective customers.

In order for your website to be found by the search engines and have a high ranking or placement in the search engine results, it is necessary for a web page to written in a language which targets those keywords that are most important to your individual business.

A new customer may not know the name of your company. They will instead be using the search engines to search for keywords or phrases that match the products or services that they need. If your website is listed in the first several results provided by a search engine such as Google, you have greatly improved the chances for new visitors to visit your website.

Many elements apply to website optimization and are important factors for everyone who wants to succeed on the web. Just a few things you need to consider include:
  • Does your web page contain informative, properly formed description and keyword meta tags?
  • Do your page titles reflect the content and targeted keywords of the pages?
  • Does the text on your web page properly apply to the keywords that are important for your products or services?
  • Are the graphics and photos used on your pages optimized for the lowest file size that doesn't compromise quality?
  • Does your page take too long to load when a visitor arrives?
After your pages are properly written and optimized, they must then be submitted manually to each of the search engines and directories. Once submitted, it's necessary to monitor your placement or rank with each search engine and make adjustments accordingly in order to assure your website's best possible placement when a visitor is browsing the web for your product or service.

All website design projects completed by LJg include optimized web pages and manual search engine submittal. We also offer website optimization services for existing sites. We work closely with each client to ensure that their websites are focused on achieving the greatest possible results in an internet search for their business.

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LJg Consulting, LLC
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LJg Website Optimization | Increase Search Engine Rankings | SEO Services
LJg Consulting's website optimization services (SEO) improve search engine rankings by ensuring web pages contain titles, descriptions, keywords, and optimized graphics and text that target the products and services offered by the website.