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eCommerce and Merchant Accounts

Because the road to creating a successful online store can be a difficult and confusing one if you are unaware of the concepts and principles behind eCommerce, LJg is here to guide you through the steps necessary to begin selling your product or service in an online web store.

Here is how online processing works: The consumer moves through the internet to the merchant's web site. From there, he decides that he wants to purchase something, so he is moved to the online transaction server, where all of the information he gives is encrypted. Once he has placed his order, the information moves through a private gateway to a processing network, where the issuing and acquiring banks complete or deny the transaction. In general, this all takes only about 5 seconds.

In addition to a website and web hosting, you will also need a payment gateway and a merchant account in order to accept and process online credit card payments. (Outsourcing to a Third Party Processor is an available option in lieu of a merchant account. See our Third Party Processors page for more details.)

All of the eCommerce websites designed by LJg include step-by-step assistance in setting up your merchant account and payment gateway as well as setting up your online web store to assure seamless integration between your website, your payment gateway and your merchant account.

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LJg Consulting, LLC
Monroe, Louisiana

LJg: eCommerce & Merchant Accounts - Online Credit Cards
LJg in Monroe, Louisiana offers eCommerce websites, online stores, and assistance with merchant accounts and payment gateways for accepting credit cards online.