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How much does a website cost?

Most people starting out on the internet have no idea what a professionally designed website will cost. The simple reason is that it depends on what you need combined with what you want to spend.

Consider this analogy: How much does a car cost? There is no simple answer to this one either because it depends on whether you are discussing a Ford Escort or Chevrolet Corvette. Also, do you want leather seats, a sunroof, power windows and locks? With each amenity comes an additional cost, right?

The cost of any particular website project is dependent on a number of factors. Chief among these are the following:
  • The size of the site (in pages)
  • The complexity of the site (levels of information)
  • The amount of advanced functionality and programming involved (database integration, e.g.)
  • The number and complexity of advanced features on the site (motion graphics, automatically updating information, etc.)
  • The amount of content needed to be generated by us
  • The quality of the content (such as photographs) and the amount of time required to make them web-appropriate
  • The amount of work involved organizing and collating the information

LJg Website designers will work closely with you to determine the appropriate needs for your particular business or service and provide a cost estimate based on your customized website requirements.

The Website Cost Breakdown

There are five general costs associated with a basic website:
  1. Registering a domain name
  2. Hosting for your site
  3. Design and layout for your website
  4. Search engine fees (optional, if applicable)
  5. Maintaining your website (updates and maintenance)
Note: If you want an online store, then you also have to allow for: (1) Merchant Account or Third Party Processor Fees, (2) Product Updates and (3) Store Maintenance.

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How much does a website cost? | LJg Website Design | Monroe, LA
How much does a website cost? LJg web designers in Monroe, Louisiana offer information on the primary factors affecting the cost of a website.